Remembering The Non-Emergency That Caused An Act of Malevolence

Remembering The Non-Emergency That Caused An Act of Malevolence

As Chrystia Freeland bemoans Justice Mosley’s ruling that determined her government’s use of the Emergency Act against the Freedom Convoy as unconstitutional, many Canadians are hailing the decision to be the only lawful, and logical conclusion that could by delivered to the Canadian public.  Upon hearing the verdict, Freeland made the following statement:

“I would just like to take a moment to remind Canadians of how serious the situation was in our country when we took that decision. The public safety of Canadians was under threat. Our national security, which includes our national economic security, was under threat.”

How fitting that Justice Mosley addresses this directly: “economic harm is not a part of the threshold to invoke the act.”  And what a strange twist of concern that Freeland and the liberal government would feign interest in the Canadian economy when they locked down the healthy, and able bodied in our country and prevented many from gainful employment causing, by their policy, great harm to the Canadian economy.  Justice Mosley’s verdict is an in-your-face declaration of just how wrong the liberal government got it, and trust me, Ms. Freeland, we will never forget.

Canadians certainly were under threat:  the threat of a colluding government who used the media to create hysteria and then polled its citizens who fed off the fear, to determine the climate of opinion to push policy acceptance rather than evidence- based science to support their decisions.  Indeed, our economic security was under threat: threat of lock downs, censorship and refusing qualified Canadian citizens to do their jobs because they refused a vaccine that primarily had efficacy on those who were elderly and those living with co-morbidities. Mounting evidence that the vaccine was and is more harmful than the “safe and effective” story that was pushed has not led to a reversal of unconstitutional decisions against unvaccinated health care workers in BC.  Chrystia Freeland, your government threatens Canadians, and we will never forget!

Can you imagine living in a Canada where the government formed a story to illicit a response that they then used as a means to further the story as though it was what the public wanted all along? This story cycle spun until it spiralled out of control and ended in Ottawa where the meanest force was used to crush the citizens that resisted the mania, the media and the masses.  Our Trudeau, Liberal government used a power that did not belong to them to squash those who think differently and engaged in non-violent protest. That most lofty and noble power has come full circle; telling the liberal government to stand down.

Chrystia Freeland we remember!  We remember that your government froze the bank accounts of Canadian citizens, your government deployed armed forces using violence against veterans and everyday citizens who peacefully protested; these citizens were kicked, clubbed, sprayed, and trampled by horse. Oh! We will never forget what your government did!  Your government refused its own citizen the right to mobility!  Thousands of documents revealed that the mandate you set in place to prohibit the unvaccinated from flying was based, not on science, but on your scornful opinion that those who viewed the situation differently were racists, misogynists and science deniers and your mandate was to punish the unvaccinated. Thank you for reminding us that we “were under threat.”  That threat, in part, has been disarmed by a just court.  It is high time the Liberal Administration offer up an appropriate apology.