September, 2023

President Vladimir Putin, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President Joe Biden and members of NATO:

In a recent lecture to students in Pakistan, Professor Jeffery Sachs explained the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ which I’m certain each of you has studied.  This theory of war calculates the probability of outcomes to war.  Time and again nations have opted for escalation believing they will gain from doing so.  Even when one of those participating in war de-escalates, the decision to escalate by the opposing nation(s) is almost certain.  This strategy must stop.

Never before in my lifetime has a connection with each of you been more top of mind.  Each of you holds the power to participate in ending this war, protracting this war, or bringing humanity to a swift conclusion through nuclear means.  Each of you impacts the rest of us in a far reaching, yet proximally felt reality.

I am asking, as are billions around the globe that you end this war.  This would be a decisive win   for all of us.  Many intelligent, caring commentators have weighed in.  The struggle for global dominance will only lead to continued wars.

NATO broke faith with Russia by expanding eastward.  NATO:  cease this vision and action immediately.

Russia holds the key to ending the war by ceasing to expand its boundaries; ceasing their invasion of Ukraine. President Putin:  Stop the invasion of Ukraine immediately.

The United States of America must stop interfering in foreign nations; an empirialist attempt to position their interests in other regions.  President Biden: the world does not belong to the United States.  Russian and Ukraine, and other countries will not be played by the US.

President Zalenskyy: Ukraine must resume negotiated boundaries with Russia with an agreement that Russia will not attempt to swallow more land mass and that it will end its vision of extending empire to include Ukraine.

You will not lose by signing onto these ideas and actions.  You will be peacemakers. Whatever it is you need to help you get to lasting peace, there are those ready to help. Each of you is responsible for your part.  Do not wait for the other to concede.  When one concedes, the other actors must follow suit.  Please, the world needs you to stop this madness. Be brave, be the first.

Respectfully and with hope,

June Forman

Lake Country, BC Canada