Anthony Rota, speaker of the House in Parliament made a big mistake. He invited a nazi into the revered space of Canadian power, claiming him (Yaroslav Hunka) to be both a Canadian and Ukrainian hero. Although he took responsibility for his actions, he cannot claim ultimate responsibility. Ultimate accountability is at least shared by the leader of the party in power as well as the party itself. An ethical leader would acknowledge, while having no part in the invitation, or planning of the blunder, he/she will by virtue of their authority rectify the situation. If someone has the power to do this, they are effectively saying the buck stops here. There is no shame in a leader correcting the mistakes of his MP, only in pretending that he is without culpability. Stepping up and into the mess, demonstrates a willingness to own every aspect of leadership including maintaining and repairing the relationships with those that are trusted. Embarrassment is a given, repair and reconciliation are rare.